Monday, July 2, 2012


well, because i am on a mission to constantly better myself and my work, i promised myself i would re-design/re-do my website every year around this time.

and so it appears the time has come once again. and i just love making new *projects* for myself and making my plate so full that i can barely sleep at night because my head is bursting with idea after idea after idea....well you get the point...;) really no big surprise considering as a small child i had a hard time *resting*. it's the over-abundance of drive i suppose. but hey, NO COMPLAINTS from me! i'm a big believer in pushing yourself to be the best you can possibly be....

and for me, that is constantly growing as an artist and illustrator. so....within the next week, i will be re-doing the website over at (which is now "under construction"). i just wanted to feature little pippa and change up some of the layout and colors. oh, and i did i mention they went and changed their software?! let's just say that i have my work cut out for me!

although i do have a bachelor's in graphic design (as well as fine arts) i am NO FAN of web design....or any computer design. i'm old school...pencil, paintbrush, canvas, sketchbook. because....that's just how pippa and i roll...;)

oh, and new website means new blog. like i said, i love a full plate!:)

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