Tuesday, September 6, 2011

pippa's pumpkin smoothie...yummy:)

here is a smaller size version of my FIRST entry to they draw and cook. it is for a contest entitled cooking 4 kids
as soon as i came across this contest a week or so ago, i knew had to give it a shot. with two other deadlines looming at the time, there was still no stopping me. i have been wanting to illustrate a recipe for the longest time now so this was the perfect opportunity.
i knew i wanted it to be easy to read, easy to follow, cute and most importantly healthy. so i figured with fall right around the corner....why not do something with pumpkins (which i love)!
i took my sweet little character pippa, some pumpkins, an easy recipe...and a cute little blackbird and voila...pippa's pumpkin smoothie!
i just submitted it to they draw and cook so i'm waiting to see how it looks once they review it and post it on their site. SUPER EXCITED!!!
take a peek over here and feel free to comment....


  1. your artworks are always cute and colorful. I think you'll definitely win! :]

  2. from your mouth to God's ears dewi! thank you my friend:)