Thursday, September 8, 2011

illustration friday~mysterious

i thought there was a "mysterious" element to this piece...
my submission for this week's i.f. theme. i did this painting (entitled wish hope believe) back in the beginning of 2011 for a little girl waiting on a heart down at AI DuPont hospital. it was sold in a silent auction to benefit her cause. unfortuneately, she's still there...waiting on a heart:( hopefully soon her waiting will end and she will have the heart she so desperately needs!
to learn more about josie and here cause visit here:
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  1. isn't the moon always mysterious and enchanting? :) beautiful

  2. thank you both so much! AND it is with great joy that i can say as of late last night, JOSIE FINALLY RECEIVED HER HEART!!! ironic, but pleasantly true! best of luck to that sweet endearing little girl.
    God truly does work in "mysterious" ways....

  3. thank you sy! it's favorite of mine!