Wednesday, January 12, 2011

you're never too tall for a bear hug:)

meet towers the giraffe and his bestest buddy bailey the bear cub. they do everything together...despite their height differences;)
i am so glad i got this done today despite some spasms in my neck still due to the cerviccal fusion a few months ago:( but, the show must go...
yrou can find it FOR SALE here in my etsy shop and very soon in my zazzle shop at on different products.
next up...the piece i am doing for the charity for a sweet little girl named josie.

i can't wait to start painting this...:)


  1. So cute! I love little blue bears. I really like your art. Great blog too! xoxo

  2. thank you SO much tam! it means a lot! i love cute little giraffes and elephants;)

  3. love it just the way it is, nic...... your unfinished, pencil work will always be near the top for me

  4. ...and the giraffe/bear piece is cute as ever (being that the first comment was directed to the piece for josie)