Sunday, January 23, 2011

finally the finished piece...

wish. hope. believe!
i am so proud of this piece...especially knowing where it is going! thank you to mike and holly devenney (
for giving me the opportunity to partake in such a wonderful cause for thier sweet little niece josie basta. as i have said before, she is waiting on a heart down at AI DuPont hospital. this piece is set be auctioned off for her cause.
along with the painting, the devenneys also asked me to design a logo for them that they could put on tshirts and other promotional materials for josie. below is the logo i designed. we knew we wanted the word "believe" to be a part of it as well as something kid-drawn. so, i came up with a simple but effective kid-drawn heart along with the word "believe" with a little star for the "i". AND it keeps with the theme of the painting!
i hope that this piece brings so much happiness and joy to the child whose mommy and/or daddy purchases it. and, above all, i wish, hope and believe that josie will get her new heart and she will be better than ever!:)


  1. thank you rafael! it's definitely a special piece!:)

  2. Hi Nicole,

    The auction was held last night and the wish. hope. believe! piece went to a friend of Holly's from grade school. I think it would be tacky to say how much it went for but it was definitely one of the most sought after items of the evening. I was watching people who were coming up to see it on display before the auction and there weren't many dry eyes.

    Thanks again!

  3. thank you so much mike (and holly) for letting me be a part of something so special! i hope it helps josie and her family. my heart and soul went into this entire piece more so than any other piece i have ever done. i am so happy that i could help:)