Sunday, January 9, 2011

wish. hope. believe!

is the title of my newest painting. it is a comissioned piece for a great great cause! the family of a student i taught last year recently asked me to create some designs for them and a cause that is very dear to their hearts. it is the story of their niece and she is waiting on a heart at AI Dupont hopsital. please see the link below to read all about her courageous battle. such a brave little girl!
when they asked me to help them out by creating some pieces for them, i couldn't say "yes" fast enough! to know that my art can not only make little josie smile, but possibly bring in some money for her cause, humbles me beyond words.
this sketch is for a painting to be matted and framed and auctioned off. also, i have been asked to do a logo/design that will be able to be used on tshirts and such to promote their 5K run for the cause. also, i will be framing a print of the painting so that they can donate it to AI Dupont for everything they have done for little josie.
stay tuned for the logo sketch as well as the finished painting of "wish. hope. believe!" in the following week. i am very excited to be able to help out!:)

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