Saturday, November 20, 2010

blue belle petal pixie

meet sweet little blue belle:) my first in a series i have designed entitled 'petal pixies'. she is for sale as REPRODUCTION in my etsy shop and ready to be framed and hung up in your little girl's room.
next up will be lilly...the calla lily petal pixie. be sure to check back soon...;)


  1. Although the art is nice, as always, I am really drawn to the matches the illustration so well, very whimsical"ly" flowing.

  2. thank you!!!! i usually do the type faces by hand, but for these i just uploaded the painting into photoshop to prepare it for the printer and chose a typeface called "gigi" i believe. i thought it fit the style of these cute little pixies pretty well. i knew i would just be selling them as prints instead of the originals. strangely enough, this one (blue belle) was the very first one i drew and it came from me crocheting with a yarn by the name of bluebell. hence...all the petal pixies were born;)
    the japanese cheryy blossom one (sakura) is my favorite. are you surprised by that k?;)

  3. I didn't know you crochet. I've always found it really cool and something to try some day.
    And no, not at all! lol
    Every time I see cherry blossoms (like lotion) I am reminded of you :)