Sunday, August 15, 2010

thank you dr. freese!!!

as many of my friends know, i just recently had surgery to remove a very large and painful herniated disk in my neck. the month and a half before the surgery were unbearable for me! i couldn't paint or draw or even remotely pick up a pencil without shooting, agonizing pain from the back of neck all the way down my drawing arm and through my hand...making even my last 2 fingers practically numb. all of this was due to that disk that took a month and a half to diagnose (thanks to waiting for an approval from my ins. company for an MRI).
so, next step, finding a neurosurgeon to tell me my options. it seemed due to the size of the disk and possible future permanent nerve damage, the best option was a surgery called an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. scared? you can't even imagine! however, the neurosurgeon i was blessed enough to find was the GREATEST doctor i have ever come across in my life! his qualifications can only be outshined by his sweet demeanor and unbelievable bedside manner! the last words i remember before going under were "i promise, i'm going to take really good care of you sweetie"...and that he did! next thing i knew, i woke up in the recovery room to find him next to me, making sure i was ok:)
this man gave me back my life as i know it and love it! and although i am still in the depths of recovery, i know the worst is over...and it's all because of dr. freese! this sketch is for a painting i intend to give him at my follow up in a couple of weeks. i wouldn't be drawing or painting again if it weren't for him. his hands have truly been touched by God!

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