Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A is for AVA

due to the surgery, i have many custom orders to fill that are/were on back order. this one is a big one! 3 name panels for a sweet baby girl named AVA and 2 more larger pieces (16x20) to coordinate with name panels. A is complete and now V and A are left to go. below are the original sketches with some alterations made by myself and the customer. as you can see the finished A differs from my original sketch, as we decided on the 2 A's having the striped border and the V having the polka dots. also, we eliminated all the butterflies except for the one i will be placing on the right side of the V.
below is the bedding. all i was told was flowers and some butterflies...and to pick up the striped pattern in the crib bedding as well as the polka dots. this lady has been great to work with! she even sent me actual swatches of the colors! and thank God because the colors of the bedding below must have photographed differently. i would have followed the bubble-gum pinks in the pics. however, they are really more like a mauve-y pink in the finished painting above. whew...glad i let her send me the swatches!

V is to follow...SOON....:)

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