Sunday, August 22, 2010

illustration friday 8/20/10~atmosphere

can't you just smell the hot apple cider?! i thought this piece fit this week's i.f. theme for 'atmosphere'...especially with fall right around the corner...THANK GOD!) i have had ENOUGH of summer!!!
this was a series of four pieces i did for a nursery last year...'the four seasons of ryan'. i love this one because of the colors and the leaves and apples. fall is such a beautiful time of year:) i love everything associated with it from picking apples to halloween!

so hopefully this little piece will bring about some nice warm memories of a beautiful season to come:)


  1. Adorable! I love fall colors. The other 3 pieces look very cute too. Great job!

  2. julie and debbie...thank you SO much! this piece and the other 3 are some of my favorites ever! the winter one is my #1 favorite bec i LOVE winter!!!

  3. Great one Nicole! love your character and the wonderful colors!

  4. thank you jack! these were pure joy to create for baby ryan's room:) the winter one is actually my favorite...but i'm biased bec i LOVE EVERYTHING WINTER!