Wednesday, June 9, 2010

patches the giraffe...almost done...

this sweet little giraffe was comissioned by step-mom for her niece who is about to give birth anyday now...yikes! it is made to coordinate with jungle jingle bedding by cocalo (see bedding photo below). i am just waiting to find out the baby's name so that i can put it in baby blocks down at the bottom of the painting. and i have to add some polka dots along the border as well. i 'heart' this little guy:)
and...i made a point this week to start putting a portfolio together to send off to some bedding companies for little kids. i am obsessed with crib bedding and decorating nurseries with my art. and, another labor of love i am trying to work on, is another website for just my nursery art (which is going a bit slower than i would like...but i teach all day so my time is kind of limited at night) but i'm getting there...;)


  1. cute as a button, AS ALWAYS!!!

  2. thanks mike!!! you!

  3. It's just perfect Nicole, can't wait to see it completed!... =)

  4. thank you jeremy!!!
    hugs and...;)