Thursday, April 30, 2009

"theatre" (sketch)-illustration friday 4-24-09

i didn't want to skip out on i.f. this week! however, due to lots of nursery art orders, i had to take the quick way and just submit a sketch! hopefully, i will be able to paint this little guy one day soon...he's cute in his little theatre outfit selling tickets;) enjoy:)


  1. nic, i LOVE IT the way it is - i've always had something for the quicker, not-totally painted/finished pieces, guess i'll always like doing sketches & drawings more than painting!! and he kind of looks like that cute brady brady i've heard about!! = )#

  2. i agree with mike... i think it is great the way it is. sometimes even the most unfinshed work of art is actually finished and perfect.

  3. thank you, tracy....maybe she'll take that opinion more to heart now!!