Thursday, April 23, 2009

"impossibility"-illustration friday 4-17-09

okay...i know what everyone is thinking..."how is this little girl dancing in the rain an 'impossibilty'"? because it's ME and i HATE rain...therefore, the chances of me dancing in the rain (and looking like i am having a good time), is my personal "impossibility"! although, if i absolutely HAD to do it (which i don't forsee happening anytime soon), at least i have my cute, little matching pink and orange raincoat, hat and golashes...might as well do it in style;) enjoy!!!


  1. like I told you earlier in the week after just seeing the sketch - it's so cute (especially how you made it a self-portrait, but not as cute as the real deal) AND we're gonna have to see about that rain thing!!

  2. You have a lovely style, very simple and very eye catching, I love your little characters. Well done nice take on illustration Friday too!!!

  3. mike...there are no words for how much your opinion counts with're a sweetheart:)
    nicola and thedoodlegirl...thank you so much for the kind definitely wasn't the run-of-the-mill take on "impossibility" i'm thinking;) but it's definitely "me"!