Friday, April 12, 2013

a garnet haired mermaid named claret....

january's mermaid.

i haven't been blogging (or painting much for that matter) as i am waiting to have a cervical spine fusion in the next week. don't ask...

anyhoo, i'm trying to take it easy (which is next to impossible for me) and paint a little bit at a time, as i have pain that shoots all the way down my painting arm. needless to say the last few weeks have been pretty challenging.

i've had this beauty drawn up for a bit now and have slowly been working on her. hoping to have her done before the surgery and posted FOR SALE.

after that, i'll be taking it a bit slower than usual for a while as i will be constrained to a neck brace for a few weeks. so during that time, even if i can't work at the easel, i will hopefully be able to draw and sketch from my couch.

then i'll be back better and stronger than ever 'cause my drive definitely outweighs my small size!;)

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