Saturday, June 2, 2012

what's better than a set of cute little elephants....?

why a TRIO of cute little elephants, of course ;)

while working on several projects at once, i had an order come in on tuesday night for the nursery art set of elephants i have listed in my shop here
to be re-painted in a pink and gray color scheme to match a bedding for a baby shower gift. well, it was a RUSH order, so to speak. needed to be shipped this coming monday the 4th.

well, after deciding 2 might not be enough as far as the wall space was concerned (the canvases are only 6x6), we decided to add a third one.

so....i introduce you to stella. joined by her sisters bella and ella, of course :)

i had a WONDERFUL time painting these, as elephants are my absolute FAVORITE!

thanks for the order Nubia. so happy you are pleased!

***if you would like any custom nursery art done for your little one, or someone special, please visit some samples over at and or email at and i will surely accomodate you***

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