Monday, May 28, 2012

ahhh....winter, how i miss you so!

i just realized i forgot to post this sketch from a week ago. oops....

well, as we all know, i have a *thing* for WINTER! yes, people, i said WINTER! to be quite honest, it's more than a *thing*. i'm madly in love with the season and all of it's pristine beauty. i could on and on and on....but i'll spare everyone the details of this life-long love affair...;)

so, i had this *scene* in my head for a bit of a time, of a raven haired girl named wimberly (awesome name right? i have to name EVERYTHING. don't ask me why....) ANYWAY....i have always loved white birch trees, cardinals, and....(wait for it....wait for it...) SNOW!!!

i'm so excited to be working LARGE again at my easel (the *enchanted easel*). this beauty stands 24" high and 18" wide and i am having the best time painting her. down below is a pic in progress. i'm balancing this with a few other custom orders, so she may not be done right away, but she will be done! then, she will be FOR SALE as an ORIGINAL piece of art.

i'm loving my cool themed color scheme here....from steel blues and grays to white and ivorys with the only pop of color coming from the adorable red cardinals and the raven black of wimberly's hair.

...because in nicole's world, it's WINTER EVERYDAY!:)

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