Thursday, August 25, 2011

a little helper

here is the finished illustration for the november 2011 issue of SFC magazine AND it's 5 days BEFORE deadline! yay me!
to sum up the story entitled " a little helper", it's about a little boy named tanner who wants so desperately to help out his mama. he figures he might not be tall enough to reach that rye bread or those bananas, but boy is he ever going to take a shot at those yummy oranges...since they are on her shopping list. oops...;)
i'll post the link for the issue as soon as it is available!
next awesome contest i discovered on a wonderful website entitled they draw and cook i can't tell you how long i have been aching to pump out a recipe/illustration for these guys. super excited. have my idea all ready to go...just need to sketch it out!:)


  1. cute Tanner, all he wants to do is helping.:]

  2. thank you so much dewi! it is always a pleasure to create for this sweet magazine