Monday, August 15, 2011


my sweet little "teamwork" illustration for the back to school issue of SFC magazine.
AND...EXCITING NEWS!!! i am FINALLY going to get my chance to do my first COVER!!! my work will be featured on the COVER of SFC's december/january issue! i am super excited about this for numerous reasons...obviously;) a WINTER COVER?! absolutely tailor-made for me! i am crazy crazy crazy about winter! i couldn't be happier to have this wonderful opportunity. thank you rosemarie for the chance to display my work on the COVER of your awesome magazine!

also, a PRINT of this cute little farm animal illustration is available in my etsy shop here;
come take a peek...:)


  1. "i am crazy crazy crazy about winter!"

    I have heard such people existed...but I thought it was just a myth :) Congrats on getting the cover!

  2. well, i am here to shatter that myth in spades raymond!
    i LOVE winter in all it's forms:)
    thank you for the "congrats"! i am excited...:)