Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a pickle for patty

here is the finished illustration for the story 'a pickle for patty'. to be featured in the october/november issue of 'stories for children' magazine.
is it wrong to say how fond i am of my own little painting here?;) it's that little pippa (the one with the pigtails) that i absolutely just LOVE! so damn adorable!:)
i will post the link to the finished magazine as soon as it is made available to me so you can read the story that goes along with the illustration.
thanks again to rosemarie over at SFC for the fantastic opportunity to illustrate for her magazine once again.

BTW, a print of this is for sale in my etsy shop under the title 'a picnicing we will go...'

1 comment:

  1. Well NO! I'm fond of it too, so super cute. I'm working on a tree with a bunch of owls in it right now. Every time I work on it I'm smiling. I get excited about my stuff too! Awesome!