Wednesday, March 2, 2011

it's a tea (with milk) and cookies kind of day;)

ok...this could be one of my new favorites:) this is a sketch for a comissioned piece for the cousin of the little girl's room i just finished up last week-isabelle.
thank so much to liz for asking me to now adorn her niece's room with my work. i am beyond excited to do another piece for this wonderful family!:)
*a few background notes about this piece-mailee loves loves loves cows! her room is pink and brown AND they used to live in washington d.c.*
so i couldn't resist the cherry blossom trees (which are my favorite) and a sweet little pink and brown stuffed cow. besides, what little girl doesn't absolutely love to have tea parties with her stuffed animals/dolls?! i am super excited to start painting this in the next couple of days...:)


  1. Thanks, Nicole! We can't wait to see the finished piece! Caroline will be here for the next few weeks, so we'll have to chat and figure out best time to send and if here or there. More soon!

  2. thank YOU liz for letting me create ANOTHER custom piece for your family! i will be shipping it out the end of next week (as i am working on 2 orders at once or it would be done sooner). i will be sending you pics along the way! i hope mailee and caroline will love it just as much as you love isabelle's pieces:)