Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a photographer i am NOT...

but i can do my own matting and framing (yay me!). here are the pieces for the cause for josie www.theebeatgoeson.org. the middle one is the original, which i chose to frame in a lovely pewter frame alnong with a crisp white mat to pick up the tones in the curtains. the 2 on the sides are the prints, which are matted in navy blue to pick up the tones in the sky and then framed nicely in a simple white frame. i am not usually a big fan of colored mats, but i felt the navy was the best choice for the 2 prints, having already chosen a white frame.
1 print goes to josie's family as a gift. the other goes to AI DuPont hospital as a donation from the devenney family (who comissioned me to do these). and....the ORIGINAL is going to be auctioned off in a fundraiser for this wonderful cause!
sorry if the photo doesn't do them justice. never was good with a camera...;)

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