Sunday, February 6, 2011

next project...isabelle's room!

ok. so i was in the middle of 2 projects already (which are nearing the end), when thursday night i got a custom order off of etsy...and i met a really sweet woman in the process. that has happened to me 2 times through etsy sales in the last 3 years...this being the third. 2 of them have become such wonderful friends...and i'm thinking this one will no doubt turn out the same.
ok...onto the order. the baby's name is isabelle and i have attached photos below of the bedding as well as the nursery (which i have to say looks absolutely GORGEOUS!). i am loving the yellows with the accents of greens and pinks as well as the dark wood of the furniture.
i am so happy that liz has asked me to add some artwork to baby isabelle's room! and i hope this is the start of a wonderful friendship as well!:)


  1. They are beautiful! That nursery is gorgeous...your work will look stunning in that room. How fun!! xoxo

  2. thank you tam!:) i am super excited to start painting them...hopefully by the middle of this week.