Thursday, September 2, 2010

he wants candy!!! which makes him...

IMMOVABLE~this week's illustration friday theme! i did this piece a while back and it is entitled "i want candy!" i thought this was a cute little take on the word IMMOVABLE. meet brady. he's just NOT MOVING until he gets a lollipop, a peppermint stick and maybe even a gumball or two;)


  1. I love it! Great take on immovable! Super cute too!

  2. thank you kristy!!! i swear every little kid has that "immovable" moment when they are in the candy store or toy store...just refusing to leave until they get what they want!
    i'm thinking it usually involves some foot stomping and a few tears here and there...;)

  3. What a great idea! Lovely illustration. I love the colours you've used for the sweets :)

  4. thank you ladies!!!
    i see this week's word is 'dessert'...damn i could have used this one for that;)