Thursday, September 9, 2010

fall mailer 2010...pick me!!! pick me!!!

here it fall 2010 promo piece for art directors! i love this piece (ok, i'm biased). it's ME and my tiny self a top some mighty large pumpkins:) i love fall and pumpkins and halloween and this whole time of year...especially the cool air!
next up is playing with some type/text in photoshop that will read "pick me!!! pick me!!!" i think it's appropriate for a few reasons...1)i'm in a pumpkin patch and what does one do in a pumpkin patch...pick pumpkins of course;) and reason #2) i want art directors to "pick me" for upcoming illustration jobs for kids publications.
i have always been a fan of self-promo postcards bec they are easy, accessible and pretty much a one-stop shop for your art work. it just hits them right in the face when they receive envelopes to mess with. don't get me wrong, i also intend to send out tear sheets of some of my work along with a cover letter to a certain publishers. but the postcard is quick and an easy way to promote yourself:)
i'll be posting the finished piece (with text) as soon as i'm done which will be SOON so i can get started on having them printed. i think i'm going with vistaprint this time...a good amount of postcards for a good price!


  1. This is perfect for this time of year... I love the idea of "pick me!" for a promo card :)

  2. thank you kristin! i have a few good ideas every now and then...;)