Sunday, April 18, 2010

sketches for gwen's room

here is one of my latest projects! it is a trio of sweet little paintings for an adorable baby named gwen:)
her room is pink and green with some white and brown accents (see attached photo).

i designed "gwen" in three different positions with a baby bird and butterfly in the left and right panels and the middle panel with her in a field of flowers (NOTE: the flowers in all the panels mimic the ones on her cribbing).
all three pieces will be worked in ONLY pinks, greens, browns and whites/off-whites...except for the flesh color of her skin. also, a gorgeous chocolate brown satin ribbon will be attached for hanging...and extra cuteness;)
i will be adding ALL and ONLY my nursery art to a new blog i am trying to set up for that purpose...the business of my growing little nursery art business which i am trying to keep seperate from my children's illustrations.
stay tuned for the new blog and gwen's finished pieces...or each piece as it is completed...

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