Wednesday, April 21, 2010

left and right panel for gwen's room...DONE!

here are the 2 finished paintings for gwen's room:) i got them done quicker than i thought i would...yay!!! 2 down an 1 left to go which is going to be the larger middle panel. after, all 3 will get a gorgeous chocolate brown ribbon attached to them for hanging:)
i just started working on a series of sketches today of a little girl (ME) amongst cherry blossom tree(s). i am OBSESSED with these beautiful trees!!! i took my preschool class on a little field trip to a fish pond and took numerous photos of this one cherry tree. i have posted a few below...just GORGEOUS! hence the 'inspiritation' for my little sketching frenzy;)


  1. I can see how all those blossoms would inspire! They are beautiful. Gwen's room is going to be so delightful! Your work is wonderfully adorable Nicole. Love the panels. Can't wait to see more!

  2. thanks so much jack!!! very sweet of you to say:)