Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"legendary"-illustration friday 3-13-09

at first i thought this week's topic might be a bit difficult, but then after a couple minutes went by (and after that first cup of coffee-yes i can drink that first cup faster than you think;)), it came to me...mickey mouse is "legendary"! not to mention the obsession i have with all things disney;) i remember my professors in art school always grinding their teeth when i came in with mickey mouse in every shape and form you could imagine...charcoal renderings, typography, package design and my personal favorite (which i still have to this day), color theory class! that's where i pulled out all the stops and turned out a huge color wheel with 108 colors made from nothing but red, blue and yellow...and all in a quilt covering a little mickey mouse in his bed:) so i figured i would give this a shot for this week's topic! i didn't want to paint the actual mickey so i figured that the "legendary" sorceror's hat from fantasia might be enough to get the point across;) so here is my little mouse named myles dreaming of being a legend one day just like the one and only legend himself mickey mouse:) enjoy!

and here's the rough sketch!


  1. So cute! Love your little mouse "wannabe"! ;-)

  2. You can't take away the fact, that it's so adorable! :)

  3. thanks fadas and indigenie:) i like him too...he's dreaming of bigger and better things for himself;)