Wednesday, January 8, 2014

on the easel....

new year. new beginnings.
("amongst friends")

this little beauty will be my first painting of 2014...and i'm so excited for her! i promised myself that i kind of wanted something a bit different for the new year...a bit of a *change* if you will, but a small one at that. i knew i wanted to venture out more into the greeting card/small gallery like venues...maybe look into placing my designs onto calendars, mugs, tote bags, things such as that. i also knew that i wanted to change the faces of my characters a more with the eyes and add a sweet little mouth....basically MORE things to PAINT (and we know how HAPPY painting makes me!) so...

while not wanting to lose the whole anime-type feel of my work, i decided to keep with the very round heads (just switching that up by adding a bit of a slot for a chin) and by adding a mouth and a little connotation for a nose. i also softened up the cheek area...not a harsh half moon shape like my older work. the eyes on this beauty (named Wimberly...because i HAVE to name EVERYTHING) are closed (just like the sweet little cardinal friends of hers flying around). but still, i get a chance to do more with them than my previous work where the eyes were represented by 2 little black ovals.

i have a *thing* for winter, birch trees, snow and cardinals....hence this raven haired beauty (to be) and her adorable scarlet colored she is surely "amongst friends".

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