Monday, February 25, 2013

thea and her wishing tree

i have had this painting done for about a month now, but i wanted to wait until closer to march and st. paddy's day to list it FOR SALE AS A PRINT HERE:

it was inspired by a friend of mine's little girl (named thea) who was born on st. paddy's day. is she irish? heck NO! 110% polish as a matter of fact;) and she is actually blonde, but i wanted to paint a cute little red head, so.....
besides, who says leprechauns always have to be boys ;)

speaking of "red heads", i'm working on November's mermaid this week, little Citrine. not exactly a red head, but close enough.

check back for pics.....


  1. My daughter is called Thea and she's a red head. I love, love, love this! x

  2. how's THAT for a coincidence...;)