Thursday, August 23, 2012

illustration friday~teacher

pippa is all dressed and ready for her first day of school. and super excited to meet her new teacher!

just a quick little sketch i worked up for this week's illustration friday. and because all who know me know pippa is my alter ego, that tells you that yes, i did go to catholic school.

see photo below for proof...:)
2nd row, 3rd in from the right.


  1. Super cute! Wow, the uniforms in that photo!

  2. thank you cindy!

    i know (about the uniforms). i think i was the only little girl who actually loved wearing them. especially the navy blue wool knee socks and mary janes. i remember those like it was yesterday....;)

    oh, and the navy blue cardigans too. could explain my OBSESSION with the color navy blue AND cardigans. hmmm.....