Sunday, February 26, 2012

a little nutcracker february ;)

here is a custom piece i just finished a couple of days ago...just took a while to post thanks to my UNCOOPERATE laptop....
if you're wondering why the whole Christmas theme??? well, the little girl was actually born on Christmas day AND is a ballerina. so....first thing that came to mind was my favorite ballet-the nutcracker.
can i say the little mouse is my favorite part of this....?;)
up next is the custom painting for her 2 little sisters (see sketch posted below). that is what i will be working on this coming week.

THEN....(so excited for this)...i will be working on a recipe for a contest from the wonderful nate and salli over at they draw and cook. the link here will explain all the contest rules and such. oh, and by the way, kraft...yes KRAFT foods has a hand in this one. so exciting.....:)