Thursday, January 26, 2012

illustration friday~twirl

here is a piece i am currently in the process of painting. it is part one of a custom order i am working on for a trio of really cute sisters. this one being born on Christmas day...and really into ballet (hence the whole nutcracker theme from the mouse to the red and white to the "waltz of the flowers"). i thought it fit right in with this week's theme of 'twirl' :)

attached below is the second part of this order for a set of crazy about dogs, the other crazy about cats! ahhh....sisterhood....;)


  1. My goodness, that's a whole bunch of cute. Love the hairstyle and dress on the ballerina. And adorable cat and dog, and cat and dog ears on the sisters!

  2. I think those girls look just like their mother!!! Haha

    You rocked this one out of the park, can't wait to see the end result.

  3. cindy and coral moon....thanks so very much!!!!:)

    myla...they are 3 of the cutest little girls ever and i'm so happy to be able to capture their cuteness through my work! thank you for choosing me:)


  4. holy moly! love the little ears!!! so sweet. :)