Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sleeping puppies and pink rose mountains...

Truth be told. I don't usually share my sketches for commissions until after they are complete paintings. I'm a little superstitious like that. However, it was a request from a friend of mine on Facebook who commissioned me to do a special painting for her daughter's Sweet 16. She wanted to "share" it so I obliged. Helped me conquer my little superstitious fear along the way so I was all for it. 

Puppies, pink roses, blonde hair and brown eyes were the only must haves in the painting. My mind goes right to sleeping puppies on a dress made of rose petals amid large pink rose mountains in the background. Add some whimsical vines and rosebuds (which I have since added to the sketch) and Emily's 16th birthday painting is on it's way to the canvas.

They LOVED the sketch so I will be happily be working on this painting for the next few weeks. Larger scale at 12x16 but I'm super stoked for it.

Sleeping puppies and pink rose mountains...making the world a little sweeter, one painting at a time.

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