Sunday, September 13, 2015

those who know me personally....

know that this little sketch needs NO explanation! 

{and for those who don't, well i think it's pretty self explanatory.}

football is BACK....but more importantly than that, PEYTON IS BACK...and that makes for a very happy girl, right here!!!

i have followed this man from his rookie days with the Colts (their loss) to his days with the Broncos (thank you, John Elway for the most wonderful addition your team). classy. humble. respectable. incredibly talented and just an all around awesome guy...and quarterback.

ironically we turned out to to have some unfortunate circumstances in multiple neck surgeries/fusions which if you know anything about the cervical spine, well it certainly affects the use of your arm(s)/hand(s). to still be able to grasp a football and play as eloquently as he does, well that is nothing short of miraculous to me. i feel his pain everyday (literally) as holding a pencil/paintbrush has become somewhat of a challenge on some days...but as peyton says, "these nerves have a mind of their own." they surely do. however, i use that pain to fuel my passion even more. so...take THAT nerve pain! ;)

wishing peyton (and the broncos) a great season and may today be the first day on the journey to the Super Bowl...WIN! 

peyton, you are my hero!

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