Wednesday, September 9, 2015


i don't usually post full sketches until after my paintings are done, especially commissions....but because this was a request from the wonderful woman/mother who commissioned me in the first place, well i couldn't say no. :)

7/8 years ago i taught a really sweet little girl who was adopted into the arms of a really great lady. she reached out to me wanting a painting based on the illustrations in the beautiful book entitled, Motherbridge of Love...a custom painting (in my style) to represent the merging of cultures, ethnicities and, of course, the unconditional love that will forever envelop that very special little girl (who is not quite so little anymore-6th grade already?!) for a lifetime to come.

it's always a pleasure to take on any commission as i am always humbled and appreciative for the opportunity to have someone trust in my creative visions. to me, there is no greater compliment.

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