Monday, July 28, 2014

heart. officially....


i mean, really. how could it NOT be?! and, who does not know of my undying love and devotion to this man....

it's almost football time and that means i get to see this amazing man on my screen on sundays...and some monday nights...and even some thursday nights. then, all will be perfect in nicole's world! 

how freakin' CUTE are his twins?! not as cute as their daddy, but close...;)

so much love for this man (and way before we ever had those life changing neck surgeries in common). he is such an inspiration and such a class act. i mean if you DON'T love and respect the guy, well surely you're not human.

{this is the last sunday with no football! thank you God because i was starting to go a little crazy. pre-season or not, i'll take it!}


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