Thursday, March 13, 2014

throwin' it back to the '80s...

"the rainbow connection"
©the enchanted easel 2014
paying homage to my favorite doll from childhood...the cheerfully colorful and cute Rainbow Brite...and her BFF, Starlite.

this doll was everything to me as a little girl and i am so NOT a doll person (ironic, considering how girly i am...). stuffed animals were always my *thing*. elephants, to be exact. still love them...lots!

anyhoo...i wanted to do a little tribute to sweet Rainbow Brite and Starlite (loved that stuffed horse too). so here she is.....and i'm so loving working with all the colors of the spectrum here. oh, and it's the year of the horse too. perfect.

another irony, did not like the '80s. at all. especially the music. but i loved this doll...:)

©the enchanted easel 2014

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