Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"the wistful ones"

this lovely little piece of cuteness was slated for a release this past friday, february 7. that was my plan anyway...until a fierce ice storm rolled through here and left most of chester county without power...and without heat. really tough to paint with gloves on (although let it be known that i surely did try). i so wanted this to be for sale for valentine's day, but mother nature had other plans. :(

been working on it as much as i can (obviously it won't be done in time for hearts day this friday) as well as working on some other things for a donation for a sick friend from high school. as well as working on another painting for a sick friend from high school. will always put my own work aside to help anyone in need as much as i possibly can....even if it's just donating some art for a good cause.

hoping to have this piece done in a week or two. providing mother nature cooperates, that is...(from my mouth to God's ears!)

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