Saturday, February 15, 2014

the bond of sisterhood...

here is a small piece i did for 2 very special sisters i went to high school with. both are very strong women, as they have (are) battling 2 different kinds of cancer. just typing that word alone makes me cringe. one has won her battle with breast cancer (YAY!!!). the other fighting a very difficult battle with neuroendocrine cancer. this painting is for them both. the gerbera daisies are the favorite flower of jeni (suffering from the neuroendocrine form). the plan was for a bunch of us to send cards to her to be given to her when her results come back later this week. well, i kicked it up a notch and did this painting. the 2 daisies represent both sisters. and the symbols/writing stand for "sisters", the elder one and the younger one.

i used a combo of inks and my beloved inktense pencils by derwent 
as well as some water soluble graphite. all framed and ready to be handed over this coming monday. can't wait to give it! and, no matter what the results turn out to be, both of these women should be proud and amazed at the battles they have fought...and won (and will win). much love to them both!

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