Thursday, November 7, 2013

on the easel this week (and next week)...

the FINAL mermaid in the birthstone series i began back in january. didn't think it'd take 12 months to complete 12 paintings...but a third c-spine surgery will do that to ya. however i'm a driven and determined little thing and i will overcome. always! :)

meet little Crystal, April's mermaid...based on the diamond. ironically i end the series with the month i had surgery. go figure...

this one is being painted in a mix of cool blues and grays...a very WINTRY palette (and we all know how much i LOVE me some WINTER!!!).

this will also be 2013's last painting, as i plan to spend decmeber (my FAVORITE month) sketching out lots of new ideas for new paintings in 2014. super stoked for some new work and a new year...and a fresh start! :)

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