Sunday, September 29, 2013


for this man! who DOESN'T know that about me?! i swear little kids that i taught 6 years ago or so will tell you "ms. nicole loves peyton manning!". no kidding...

i loved him well before we ever had those horrific neck surgeries/fusions in common. and, i'll love him even after he retires. he's a total CLASS ACT and deserves EVERYTHING good to come his way. you would think after all those surgeries (and they are PURE HELL to live through and recover from- since you're dealing with a bunch of nerves in the cervical spine) that he would have just given up and retired. but no, he comes back ten times stronger and more determined than ever.

the amount of respect and admiration i have for him goes well beyond any words that i could ever convey except to say...this man is EVERYTHING.

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