Wednesday, March 17, 2010

imagine...little reiko and little scott

yet another custom piece for my girlfriend reiko out in sunny beverly hills california...90210!
this is the second piece she asked me to create for her and her boyfriend scott (see the first piece a few entries down). they are HUGE john and yoko fans...and ironically, reiko is oriental just like yoko;)
she wanted them on a globe with a peace sign and white flowers because john and yoko loved everything they could see no color...hence the whole peace thing! the daisies, i think, are my favorite part of the piece. i like how i decided to have them growing out of the earth:)
now...i am working on a THIRD piece for reiko...pretty soon i am going to OWN the walls in her house;) she wants something to represent herself going "vegan". so, i am thinking her in a little fam/field maybe holding a cute little pig with a cow and chicken standing next to her like they are all friends:) stay tuned for a sketch...

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